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                          Me and my Anyang leader

                          Detailed Description

                          My name is Lei Siqing, founder of Anyang City Railway Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, in 2001 registered Anyang Lida company.

                          From the establishment of the first day, I made it clear, we need to do railway accessories, or not do, do the best, and at the same time clear, for all power, poly full of wisdom, to create the industry benchmark companies. After 16 years of unremitting efforts, we have won the municipal, provincial title of brand-name products, at the same time, Anyang city has become the fifty high, fifty enterprises in Anyang City, advanced tax units, the integrity of enterprise civilization, the title of the provincial technical center, "safe, rapid, Dragon Seal Riesling" has become the industry well-known brands.

                          Many people have asked me, so many manufacturers are now producing railway accessories, why a lot of customers to chase you, so I want to tell you, we are just like our registered brand, safe and fast delivery to the hands of users, especially in the development of new products, research and development, only need 10 days it allows users to see and use of new products, will not delay the delivery time, and our business philosophy is: I am your workshop, as long as you give me all the products, cost, quality, delivery time will be beyond your expectations, you achieve the most satisfactory service.

                          My team and I devoted a lot of effort in research and development of products, our product development advantage, focusing all of the company's human and financial resources, intelligence, developed a set of production of steel rail elastic strip products one-stop production lines, more than 50 years to subvert the traditional elasticity production process, saving a large number of raw materials, energy and power, the production efficiency is improved by more than 30% each year for customers to save the purchasing cost more than 1500 yuan, the customers have sought.

                          The team for fastening accessories with nuts, excellent quality product rate is low, can not adapt to the high-speed rail market requirements for product quality, resulting in cracking the nut on the track application, traffic problems caused by the great hidden trouble of safety, the company spent two years to carry out a research project, developed a set of intelligent, mechanization and informatization of production line nut machine, completely subvert the nut production and sales pattern, has become a classic case of the current most popular most customers for orders. At present, the company nut production in terms of quality, cost, efficiency, has reached or exceeded the international manufacturing level of the same industry, products in short supply, high-speed rail with a nut to become the only designated manufacturer.

                          Objectively speaking, now I can only give Anyang Lida hit 75 points, because we have a lot of aspects do not good enough, there are many places need to improve, we have a lot of products need to be more in-depth research and investment. However, there is no doubt that all our bottom line is not evil, no matter how much temptation, we never do any harm to the interests of customers, because it is not only a violation of the principles of my life, it will cause harm to the company's reputation and long-term interests, so we dare to make a solemn commitment to customers. Once you choose our products, once appear quality problem, we will have no conditions of products will be shipped back, and don't specify according to your company's products, give you all up, don't let you spend a penny, all the losses caused to you by us to you to take!

                          If someone asks, what is my biggest concern? My biggest worry is that with the influx of capital, a lot of no experience in manufacturing companies blindly follow the trend, even a very few companies eager noharm, which makes the whole industry notorious, at that time, you will think that this industry is a liar, make sense of standard working for a company to suffer, so every time I was in the temple for us the product opening prayer at the same time, also silently pray for our company, make the product, for the enterprise, for society, for our China railway into the world to contribute our work!

                          So, I'm in my story, is that when something happens (such as the Xi'an issue, we can know the cable) the company and leader of the Anyang company's values have nothing in common, not the slightest relationship. We are not afraid of slow, we are not afraid of a certain period of loss, but we know that, we believe that the greatest difficulty in this industry is to establish trust and brand trust and brand, once established, we will be profitable, we will have achieved rapid development and long-term.

                          In order to customers, we are willing to go all out, because the success of our customers trust has been supporting our persistence, along with our development. We also hope that after you see this message, you can tell you the most concerned about the railway rail fastener friends and customers, because this message is likely to help them gain!


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